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When I lost my Dad and Step-Dad a couple years ago, my life changed. I knew that for the rest of my time on earth I wanted two things...  First, to serve God in everything I do and give Him the glory, and second, to bring credit upon my alma mater, West Point.  I'm thankful for the grace I have been given by God and by West Point over the years. The transformationnal process that began when I arrived at West Point continues to this day. I pray that my efforts with this project and all future endeavors will bring credit upon the long grey line that graciously accepted me into it's ranks...  

People that have either supported and/or been instrumental in seeing this project through...Please accept my most sincere appreciation for your support and joining the vision of what this can mean for the families of the hockey world.

What will be one of the great stories to be told when our product becomes a mandate and I am given an opportunity, will be to share the incredible number of people that GAVE of themselves in so many ways to help this project through to the end. A lesson I learned from the real Coach "K" in his book "Leading from the heart" is how critical EVERY PLAYER ON THE TEAM IS and how it truly is impossible to win without the 2 minutes from this player, the 8 minutes from that player, the key defense of player #3, etc. There is not one person listed below that deserves any greater or lesser thanks than any other. This is a lesson I learned from reading John Wooden's book. He said his Dad always told him, "no one is better than you are, and you're not better than any one else."  

Every person listed played a role and I thank every one of you! 

Aren Paster
Bill Lerman
Blake Feltman
Bob VanDerHye
Brian Riley
Bryan Brutlag 
Cadden Kapsalis
Cody Stolle
David Harkins
David Jones
Dean Sicking
Derek Zike
Dylan Maher
Fluto Shinzawa
Garry McAvoy
Jay Mooncotch
Jim Clohessy
Jim Holloway
Jim Knowlton
Joe Trezzo
John Markovich
John Phee
Kelly Boswell
Ken Krenk
Kevin Schrum
Mark Steiner
Mike Zike
Pastor Stolle
Rita Hyland
Rob Lang
Sean McShane
Steve O'borsky
Steve Thompson
Students and faculty at RPI
TD Decker
Tom Perry
Tyler King