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The summary of the research in this area is as follows:

Total # of injuries

The total # of Spinal Cord Injuries in Canada alone between 1943-2005 was 311. Of those, 78 have been catastrophic (complete or incomplete motor and sensory loss). The most common mechanism of injury was impact with the boards (64.8%).

That is an average of 1.25 per year. 

In the United States From 2006 to 2013, the Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center registered 55 individual entries. 36 entries are classified as potentially catastrophic and 15 are classified as catastrophic. The remainder of the entries is classified as unknown. The most common injuries in our registry is fractured vertebrae at (36%) or 20 of the the total and 5.4 of the catastrophic. 

That is an average of just less than 1 per year. 

The lifetime cost for an injured 20 year old with an SCI is:

Quadriplegia: $3.5-4.5M

Paraplegia: $2.2M

This does not include any monetary value placed on pain and suffering or loss of wages to player or parents.

Life expectancy is shortened approximately 20 years.‚Äč